Friday, 12 October 2018

Alike Hearts

                                      Alike Hearts

It's a better place for us to Love.
Me an Eagle seeking a Dove.
It's the right time for us to cherish.
Don't be coy and let my love to perish.
My love for you is sincere.
Alike Hearts should always Cohere.
Oh my Dear..!
Call me Near.
Proclaim me as your nearest,
I shall acclaim you, as my dearest.

Hunger Soul seeking a mate,
Let's be in love before its late.
Being in love will set us free,
We shall fly and sing this song with glee.

Lets not be apart and farther our hearts.
Oh my sweetheart, Our's are Alike Hearts,
We Alike souls from the Master of Arts...

                                       - Leo James

Saturday, 24 June 2017



Skin desires to be touched"...
Touch is one of the most beautiful thing one can do in this world. Touching something and feeling it, experiencing it. Touch can bring various emotions to the person who touches and a lot of emotions to the subject that is being touched. Touching something will bring happiness, excitement, sadness, pain, pleasure, satisfaction, love, anger and so on goes the list of emotions. A mother touching her son brings the emotion of love and caring from her, to her son. After she touches, he feels it and as a response he may smile or touch her back or may may say something or it varies from person to person.
When I touch my pet Dog, it shakes its tail, cuddles against me and rubs its body against me in response of my touch.
When a baby is crying, its mother touches it and this touch brings a satisfaction of caring in the child by its mother so it stops crying.
When two lovers are having a walk speaking, and when one of them tells something lovingly to the other, a touch of hands is desired by the other.
When two new lovers meet & when the girl takes initiative & touches boys arms there is a emotion of excitement and blush in the boy. His heart starting to beat fast his arms shiver & breathing rises and he will remember the first touch forever.
On a hot sunny day when a man has worked in the scorching heat and is too tired and when he comes home, his wife serves him a Touch on his face and forehead with her wet cold hands, It is a tranquilizer for him from the heat and weariness.
After we do a mistake and are guilty of our mistake and when we stand in front of the person to whom we are guilty and say sorry and that person touches us gently with a smile, we are consoled that he has forgave us and we may no longer commit that mistake. 
When two lovers are in a romantic condition they both look into each others eyes and there is a desire for both of them that their lips to be touched. 
Touch will be a touch when it is touched in the way it should be touched.
Sometimes a gentle touch may give satisfaction to the toucher and in some cases a strong emotional desirous Touch is needed to fulfill the Toucher’s desire.
When a touch is experienced by both the toucher and the person who is being touched, It becomes a complete Touch.

All living beings on this earth have the desire to touch. There desire is not only confined to a sexual desire. Desire has a far wide horizon in my view. The love making is completed with the Spice of touch .Touch is an important element in all situations of life. Touch is the spice of living.Relationships are completed with touch. Our skin is desiring to Touch and to be Touched.

                                                               -Leo James

Sunday, 20 November 2016



How beautiful was She.
Beauty was dwelling in her.
To what shall I compare her in this world.
To a Rose or To a Lotus.
To a Pigeon or to a Love bird or to a Swan.
Who is that person, who has showered this beauty in You..
These were the words that came from me, when at first I saw her. She was immensely beautiful. Everyday morning with a cute Heart melting smile, with mild wet hair, sandalwood paste marked on her forehead She climbs the staircase of our college and walks towards Her classroom. Oh,, Heavens..
I would stand freezed on seeing Her. In the mornings, when my friends are busy doing their classwork, I was busy experiencing her beauty.. Early morning i would come and stand in the corridor and would get ready myself by combing my hair correcting the folds on my shirt and rubbing of the dirt from my shoes.. I find no other boys looks at her, in the way I look and has found out that beauty in her, As there are other Cleopatras for them to look, and only I have explored that inner beauty in Her. She is one year senior to me. So what.. Sachin Tendulkars's wife Anjali Tendulkar is 6-years older than Him. My Passion for Her is not just mere teenage infatuation, but a dedicated Love from within, deep from my Heart.. Numerous times had I attempted to speak with her, but it was like catching sharks in the sea with a bath towel..
During the intervals, I would go near to her classroom and would stand near the window of Her classroom and would speak with someone whom I never knew and would try to take her attention on me.. 
When she goes to the library, I would also follow Her and would act as if I am a good and serious reader, by spreading many unknown books in front of my reading table and would open a page and would sit concentrated..
 When she goes to the canteen there too, I would follow her and buy the least priced eatable and would be eating it, till she finishes eating.. Wishing every single time, that she would notice me, my actions that were aimed at winning her Heart..
She also goes near to the notice board, to get details of the day to day activities in the college.. I remember once I had participated in an Essay writing competition, so that if i win in it, my name would also come in the notice board. But to be frank, they had rejected my essay at the starting level itself saying that my writing was not at all relating to the topic they had given.. 
Many were the ways that I had attempted to impress her, just to speak with her, just to make her look at me, just to make her understand my Love for Her.. 
Doing all these An Academic year passed on.. Happy were the days when i got a chance to see Her.. Our exams got over and holidays began.. During my days at home I started building Innovative plans to impress Her.. I would go in the evenings under the "Tree of Dreams" and would dream about Her and dream of ways to get her into me.. Many nights without sleep, Under my sleeping blanket, I was dreaming about her.. Her Heart melting smile, Her walk, Her face, the sandalwood paste marked on her forehead made me like Her a lot.. Her mild wet curly hair, Her coal black eyes, Her perfectly cut eyebrows, Her ears were pricked with a simple Ear-ring, with a small red stone on the ear ring.. All these were in my dreams before my sleep.. Since there is no tax levied on dreams, I dreamt and dream a lot..
Soon the holidays got over and I gathered all my plans and decisions and with a Heart full of Dreams, I went to the college..
On the starting day of my college I never saw Her... Days passed on and I got disturbed and irritated by not getting to see Her.. Days are going on and she is not to be found in the college, to melt my heart with Her smile.. 
Then one day, I came to know from one of her friend, that My Mesmerizing Beauty had finished her course and left the college..
                                                                  Conceived & Written  by-
                                                                          Leo James

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Vishnu's Dream

Vishnu a 14-year old boy born to a Hindu Nair family in Irinjalakuda (kerala), studies at 9th std in a Govt school. His father is a carpenter and his mother an housewife. Vishnu's grandmother also stays with them in their house. Vishnu's house is near to the Irinjalakuda Railway station. And daily after coming from school, Vishnu goes near the railway station to see the trains.
Vishnu is very fond of trains that, he always says to his mother that he want to become a Locopilot (train driver). Every day Vishnu sits on a rock near the railway station till dark watching each and every trains.
 Vishnu knows all the train timings, at 4:30 pm Trichur-ernakulam passenger, at 4:50 pm Mangalore-Trivandrum express and at 5:30pm a Goods train and so on. If a particular train is late ,Vishnu tells to himself that this particular train is late today. Likewise went Vishnu's routine train watch.
One day as Vishnu was standing on the rock near to the track and as a routine was watching the trains. A 110.k.v Diesel Engine arrived to the station with empty bogies following it. It was a Goods train that they used to stop there everyday evening and take that the next morning. The train stopped and the train driver got down down from the engine and after some routine inspection near its brakes and near its wheels, went to the station masters room keeping the engine running. Usually the diesel engines  are not turned off soon after they are halted , because it is difficult to start it suddenly again. So the diesel engine was kept running.
The diesel engine is now On and is vibrating the track. The diesel is being burnt inside and the exhaust black smoke is rising upwards, its air reservoir is releasing the excess air through its air valve. Vishnu from outside can see the red and green lights blinking inside the driver's cabin and a wireless that was left by the engine driver is beeping. Seeing all these Vishnu got curious and suddenly a thought struck to Vishnu's curious mind that what will happen if I get into the driver's cabin and see what's inside. Yes i will not get a golden chance like this again. It is my years long dream to get into a train engine and see what is inside. And no one are around me and no one is going to see. 
Vishnu slowly crossed the first track and went into the middle track where the engine was halted. 
At first Vishnu got afraid , but later he made up his mind and climbed the steps of the engine and got into the Drivers cabin. There Vishnu could see the driver's seat, the red and green lights blinking that he saw from outside, the Air and Oil pressure gauges dancing.Seeing all these Vishnu got extremely happy and excited. It was his long time dream to see all these. 
In the side he could see the Brake lever and below to it was written "Release the lever and then accelerate" which means that to move the train the Train driver will release the Brake lever and will the push the accelerate button.
Curious Vishnu knowing nothing released the Brake lever and soon a green button started blinking with green lights. Vishnu pressed that too and suddenly the train moved forward. Vishnu got shocked on seeing the train moving, his heart raised beating, he started sweating and was in a numb condition. To somehow stop the the train he pressed other buttons too, but all that was in vain and the train continued moving...
Suddenly Vishnu got up from his Afternoon sleep's dream. Actually Vishnu was lying on his Grandmother's lap and was sleeping and during this sleep, he had this shocking dream.
Vishnu got up from his grandmother's lap, washed his face and went to the kitchen and drank some tea and as a routine went to the rock near to the railway station and sat on it watching trains.
Vishnu's dream and passion of being a Locopilot may one day come true, As it is said "This world gives everything, for the one's who have passion and intense desire for their dreams"....
                                                       written & conceived by
                                                            - Leo James

Friday, 1 July 2016


                         Under the Tree of Dreams

My life has gone beyond my control. Ever since I looked upon your wonderful and incomparable beauty, I have dared to Love you wildly, passionately, devotedly and hopefully. Since the day I fell in love with you, I have become restless. Each cell of my body is longing for your presence. My mind is filled with your thoughts. Every nights are filled with your dreams. Each day I am building a Heaven for us with my dreams. But I had not been able to tell my love to You. Several times I had attempted to present my love before You, but I feel nervous.
Every evening, alone I go and sit under a Tree and speak to myself and express my severe feelings with the Tree. Once one of my friend told me that, carving your dream girl's name on a tree and regularly being under it, will make your dream come true.. Whatever my friend said may be a foolish myth. But I believed in it.
That evening I went and carved your name on that tree. Every evenings I go to that tree, sit under it and dream about you. The birds give background music for my dreams by singing the song of love. The breeze blows and caressingly touch my dreams. The entire nature along with the tree gives me a platform to dream about You.
Till late in the evening, I sit alone under the tree of dreams and dream about you.
From the moment I carved your name on that tree, I feel your presence there. Sometimes I feel like You are sitting there with me.
As everything is possible for the One's who believe, I strongly believe that, some day you will be there to dream with me under the Tree of dreams. 
I will command, to keep that tree as a Monument of my everlasting love for YOU.. 

                                   written by-
                                  Leo James

Thursday, 23 June 2016


                                     Burning for YOU

You are the visible Personification of absolute perfection.
No one can alter my Eternal devotion to You.
I fell in Love, when at first I saw You.
I liked, when at first I spoke  with You.
I have admired You more than any other girl, ever since I met You.
From that day onwards She was in the Dreams which I dreamt.
From that day onwards She made me unrest.
From that day onwards Her facination dwelled in me.
From that day onwards, I never missed a chance of seeing Her.
From that day onwards there was a Fire in me burning for Her.
Dear, I see your face between the clouds that float.
I see your face on the bloomed Rose.
I see your smile on the pages of my Diary.
Every night before sleep, I dream about You.
Charming days it has been, ever since I liked You.
Everyday My love for You becomes Severe.
My dear, My heart is burning for You
My heart is longing for your Presence.
My heart will rest, only if You are with me.
My heart's hunger for You will be fulfilled only if You are within Me.
Till then it will be crying for You,
It will be Longing for You.
It will be Starving for You.
It will be Burning for You.

                                                             Written by-
                                                             Leo James

Thursday, 26 May 2016


                                   The Mango Tree

One afternoon after my lunch, I was resting in the veranda of my house, feeling drowsy. My grandmother was too there sitting on the floor , leaning to the wall chewing her beetle nuts. Our pet dog Tom was too lying aside and was sound asleep. There was complete silence and I could hear the birds chirping, the cucukoos singing, the sound of the windows banging due to the afternoon breeze.
There was a huge Mango tree in front of our house and I could see the squirrels running along the tree, the crows building its nest with twigs, the dried leaves falling from the tree.
I was feeling sleepy due to that afternoon's heavy lunch. As my eyes were about to close a big ripened Mango fell down from our mango tree. I got up swiftly and took that mango. It was a reddish yellow juicy ripened mango. As i was very fond of mangoes, I ate it fully by standing there because if I take it inside my brother will fight for it. The mango was more delicious than any other mangoes I ate from that tree. I felt the yummy taste of it and I licked my fingers and now the question was of where will I throw the mango seed. The premises around the mango tree was cleanly swept by my mother and if I throw it there She will make me pick it up later. Also I could not throw it anywhere in our compound because my grandmother was awake in the veranda and was constantly inspecting me of what I was doing and where I was going. Suddenly an Idea struck my mind, I swiftly threw the mango seed to the next compound and walked inside the house licking my fingers.
The story of that Mango does not end here. This incident happened many years before during my school days. And now almost eight to nine years later,That place where I throwed the mango seed now stands a huge evergreen mango tree. The children hanging on its branches, the grownups plucking the mangoes, some resting under its shade, the birds building nests on its branches....
Today I feel extremely happy when I see it because my childhood naughtiness has given birth to everlasting and evergreen happiness..

                                                                                        -Written by
                                                                                         Leo James